Five website building mistakes that cost you traffic

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You have finally done it.

You have launched your writer website, in the hopes that it will magically get you more clients. You rub your hands together in anticipation as you wait for the rush of traffic, for the prospects that find you through your website and decide to hire you.

Months pass. You are still working for $2 per page while your website sits there doing nothing for you. You scratch your hair and wonder: What could be wrong?

Can I break it to you? A lot of things might actually be wrong with your website.

Your website is your virtual office, without which it's hard to appear professional or credible. If you run a business, then your website is often its first impression to the world. But what if you're doing it all wrong?

It happens to the best of us. Small, often overlooked, elements in a website can prevent it from reaching its full potential. Some of these website building mistakes are explained below.

It isn't readable

Virtual mediums strain the eyes, and a large section of the population today suffers from poor eyesight. If your website uses a dark background, or tiny, illegible fonts, you may be unconsciously turning off visitors because they find your content unreadable.

There's nothing better than dark text on a white background, with fonts that are larger than 14 pt. Ditch that black background even if you think it's stylish. Use a font that's easy on the eyes. When you make it easier for people to read your content, your website automatically attracts more visitors.

It isn't responsive

Smartphones and iPads have taken over desktops and laptops. That means, if your website isn't made to work seamlessly on all devices, you risk losing visitors.

The easiest way to ensure your website is responsive is to choose a responsive theme that's made to work smoothly on all devices. If you're getting a web designer to build your website, it's even easier to have every part of the site the way you want it. When people are able to access your website no matter what kind of device they use, you will start getting more visitors.

It is too cluttered

Have you seen those websites that have ten social media buttons, hundreds of advertisements on the sidebar, and too much information crammed into one page? Of course you have.

Now take a look at your own website and see if you're making one or more of those mistakes.

You may not realize it, but information overload is often one of the biggest reasons why a website fails to rank in search results. Visitors don't need links to all your social media profiles, nor do they find those pop-up advertisements exciting. If anything, these things only distract them from experiencing your website to the fullest.

Keep your content simple and clutter-free. Wherever possible, use icons, images, and videos to grab attention more quickly than having page after page of written word to peruse.

It isn't updated

Do you update your website regularly? If not, it could be a big reason why your website isn’t gaining visibility.

Search engines index only those sites that are updated regularly. When your website sits around unattended for a long time, it ceases to show up in a Google search, and even if it does, it isn’t on the first page.

The best way to keep your site updated is by having a blog and posting on it every week. This will help your blog show up in search results more often, and your website will gain more visibility. It is also recommended to upgrade the rest of the content on your site once in a while, whether it’s your About page, or your Services page. The more updated your site is, the more visibility it will have.

It isn't search engine friendly

In order to drive traffic to your website, you need to know some basic SEO to make your site search-engine friendly. This includes learning basic SEO like keyword research, on-page SEO and link building, studying up on backlinks, and using social media to boost shares.

Without basic SEO hacks, your website may not be able to compete with other sites that show up first when people search for a keyword. Make sure to subtly include high-performing keywords throughout your site’s content in order to boost visibility and drive more traffic.

When you optimize your website well, it brings in traffic and makes you money. Do regular checks to see if you make any of these website building mistakes, and always remember to keep updating your website with the changing times and technology.

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